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1 alexpo commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Did you know that maximal number of servers that SDMC can manage is just 48? <br /> The number is way too low! <br /> BTW why not allow managing x86 Blades with SDMC? <br /> I wonder ...

2 kah00na commented Permalink

Alexpo, what you said is a little misleading. This is from another article I've read: <br /> "The SDMC will be able to manage up to 48 "small tier" Power-based systems or up to 32 "large tier" machines (these tiers are not explained) and keep track to up to 1,024 total logical partitions running across those physical servers."

3 MatthewBourne commented Permalink

Anyone actually deployed SDMC yet? I'm getting lots of delivery delay, no actual product just yet.

4 hjo commented Permalink

Already deployed this week in new environment with 2x 770's (fully euqiped) . Straight forward implementation, dont forget to save profile data (nvram) and to backup sdmc's. stay out for patches as described in forum. (profie corruption bug). first backup after connections take about 14Gigs. restore also tested, works perfect. never lost the first configuration. only the way to build ha, destroy ha and build ha again made errors (done only for testing, because we knew about tsa). after clean new install working good at this time. deployed vios and scripted deploying of lpar definition. <br /> little definition wondering: available procs showing decreased vaalue from all procs (active&amp;inactive), not licensed decreased available procs. <div>&nbsp;</div> Meanwhile-... <br /> Wonder why passive SDMC in HA Configuration does not allowed to open firefox and get the WEB-GUI from the active one? <div>&nbsp;</div> Planned to manage 4x p6 595 about 200 mixed Lpars in future if staying stable