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I very much dislike default (i.e. numbered logical volumes). AND imho, you should not put your NIM files in rootvg. See (HOWTO: install a NIM server) for my suggestions. <div>&nbsp;</div> However, more to the point here. Rather than: <br /> # /usr/sbin/crfs -v jfs2 -g rootvg -m /export/um_lpp_source -a size=1G <br /> Try this (I'll stay with rootvg as volume group for THIS example) <div>&nbsp;</div> # mklv -y lvUpdMgr -t jfs2 rootvg 1G <br /> # crfs -v jfs2 -d lvUpdMgr -m /export/um_lpp_source -A yes <div>&nbsp;</div> Note: the arguments -A yes make for an automount. You could also consider -o log=INLINE rather than using the volume groups default jfs2log (hd8 for rootvg).