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I have a question about implementing Shared Storage Pools in a SAN storage array world that provide Thin Provisioning too. <div>&nbsp;</div> We're agree to say that each write operation will occupy disk space, so both VIO server and storage backend will be "notified". <div>&nbsp;</div> But if you liberate disk from VIO server (liberating or deleting an LPAR / VM), how the storage array backend will be notified, especially SAN storage array like emc DMX / VMAX ? <div>&nbsp;</div> I have heard off that vmware uses specific API in order to notify the backend...And for IBM ?

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At the top of this article you say, "Effectively the 100's of GBs of unused disks space in 100's of Virtual Machines (LPARs) are bought together..". I have read elsewhere that the number of lpars is limited to 40 per machine (single or dual vio server). Has this limit been lifted? I'd like to implement SSPs but we generally host more then 40 lpars per system.