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1 FultonTech commented Permalink

I ran into this issue a few years ago with a client that was migrating from Power 4. Because of that I got a 56K modem USB dongle and a Null Modem RJ12 (female) to DB-9 (male) cable. I've used it a couple of times in as many years. Oh and I copied HyperTerminal to my Win7 Pro ThinkPad from an XP VM.

2 POWERHAguy commented Permalink

I had to do this on a New P8 S824 last year. that is a full system image. I used Putty. I went to start a new sessions, chose radio button for Serial, and typed in COM# under Serial Line and typed in speed of 19200. I've done it probably 3 times in the last 6 months, and 0 times in many years prior. <div>&nbsp;</div> I did experience the fiddling problem and then couldn't do anything. I guess I didn't wait long enough on unplug/plug back in as we rebooted. With a server that has 1TB a memory that takes a while.. :(