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1 localhost commented Permalink

How do you close an open connection? rmvterm from another session? Just killing my ssh session to the HMC? I like this as this means I can manage my LPARs from home without messy VPN software and having the WebSM software on my home PC, but I need to know how terminate a session from within the program.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Looks like I may have figured out the answer to my own question. It appears that mkvterm uses the same escape keys at ssh. So a ~~. (tilda, tilda, period) will terminate the console session. This is the same command that you would use to terminate an ssh session that was initiated from using ssh to log into another box first.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Very nice hidden command!I think IBM should develop a way to close the console. Sometimes if you just close your ssh session, you can not open another until you use rmvterm on aonther ssh session.

4 localhost commented Permalink

I am trying to right an app that will allow me to open consoled to my thousands of LPARs on hundreds of HMCs.<div>&nbsp;</div> Is there a way to ssh to the HMC and do mkvterm all in command? When I attempt this using the following command, I don't get control of the console session.<div>&nbsp;</div> # ssh -l hscroot hmc85 mkvterm -m aixprod1050-1099 -p aixprod1050<div>&nbsp;</div> This opens the session and gives me the login prompt, but does not accept my input. Any suggestions on how to do this?

5 localhost commented Permalink

Also, ssh -t , gives a path error, and since the p5 HMCs are restricted shell, you cant set the path or specify the full path. Thanks IBM.

6 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

The vtmenu command is now documented <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> To exit from the console session, use <br /> ~. <div>&nbsp;</div> (That's tilde dot)