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A few weeks ago I just installed a new pair of Power 780-D models. After connecting them to the HMC and creating the first VIOS partition, the HMC suggested that it could automatically install the VIO software. <div>&nbsp;</div> All I needed to do was download the Virtual I/O server 2.2.3 ISOs and sftp them to the HMC. The HMC asked for the VIOs IP address and which ethernet port to assign. ~15 minutes later I had my first VIO running. Another 15 minutes and both were running. It all went very smoothly.

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I think the "4-1" array is missing in this list. There are still plenty of vendors who are afraid of partitioning and are reluctant to embrace/endorse it. Thus the customers are forced to use whole-system partitions but still benefit from the HMC management. Service focal point, the ability to power on/off and concurrent firmware upgrades are few of the obvious benefits. I've seen fleets of p5/p6 boxes "headed" by (dual) HMC quite a few times.