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1 Bob_Smith_Johnson commented Permalink

We updated a 9117-MMB from AM730_066 to AM730_087. Now, we have found that our AIX npiv clients cannot be rebooted. They get error PRep-BOOT : Unable to load full PReP image. IBM support tells us that it's known APAR IV05159 - it affects vios clients doing npiv boot from an IBM SVC. They say it's a bug in the latest firmware code, AM730_087. The only thing we can do to fix is reboot the CEC and go back to the old firmware, thus causing downtime for a whole bunch of servers. What a nightmare to plan emergency downtime for that. <div>&nbsp;</div> You stated that "It costs IBM many millions of dollars and man-years in effort in coding and particularly testing." Are you sure about that? If the firmware code has been properly tested, why does your latest greatest firmware cause AIX clients to not be able to reboot? <div>&nbsp;</div> I suggest you evaluate who is testing your firmware. This APAR shows they are not doing a very good job. <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 nagger commented Permalink

Bob - All I can do is humbly apologise for the problem you hit. Very sorry.