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1 strus_fr commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> So, at the end of the demonstration, if I understand correctly, you have a full licensed machine (no more dark resources), that is stuck in this configuration (because not sure you can cancel/reverse an IFL to dark resources), how do you face Christmas activity? :-)

2 nagger commented Permalink

Mr strus_fr, Oh very funny but you are a bit of a Mr "doom and gloom" today :-) You could purchase just 1 IFL in this illustrative example case or it is actually a Power 795 and you upgrade by adding a further 192 CPU cores or you use Live Partition Mobility to level workloads now you have more cheap CPU cores or you, having survived a few Christmas, know you can harvest resources from non-Xmas loaded virtual machines or the sustainable peak utilisation goes up with larger numbers of CPU cores (average Physical CPU core use is more stable with higher numbers of virtual machines) or ...

3 strus_fr commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> I was sure this 'Christmas question' will get me a quick answer... but not the sarcasm :-) since I thought you understood the smiley at the end of my question. <br /> Anyway, you answer the hidden question, and the answer is: <br /> "An IFL cannot be cancelled' <br /> Thanks!

4 69HC_Wayne_Monfries commented Permalink

Perhaps Power Enterprise Pools with Mobile COD would let you move your Linux IFLs to other machines to shuffle capacity around for your Christmas peak ...