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1 atb111 commented Permalink

Thank you very much for sharing this! I was looking for inspiration (actually googled "Why Power 8") and here it was. <div>&nbsp;</div> For me, the concept behind "Why" that you propose is a very good one... Bur I would bring it even "higher" and use our mission statement: "To be Essential" To be essential to our customers, but also to our planet. <div>&nbsp;</div> How? We need to be leaders in design to fulfill our mission, and we do it designing Machines and Hardware that are just better and better with every release. <div>&nbsp;</div> What? A new generation of processes that simply do more (Processing) with less (energy, space, cooling) and make the rest of our sotware run better <div>&nbsp;</div> My two cents... Thank you again for sharing the video and your thoughts!