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1 AtifSami commented Permalink

I see she is not wearing ESD rist while doing part replacement :P

2 nagger commented Permalink

That is an outrageous accusation to make ... I think it is hidden behind/under the cardigan sleeve or at the elbow or perhaps around Emily's ankle or something like that and she is standing in a bucket of well grounded water too to be extra safe :-)

3 Manoj Suyal commented Permalink

Hi Nigel, Is it possible to add and remove CPU from the power 8 without shutting down the box, If I am not wrong COD option is no longer available with power8.

4 nagger commented Permalink

Manoj, Given the CPUs only come in 1 or 2 sockets and memory on the current Scale-Out models is plugged directly in to the system planar you are correct in stating you need to power off to add or remove. POWER8 based machines will have Capacity Upgrade on Demand like that of POWER7 but like POWER7 this is not available in the smallest machines. <br /> I hope this helps. It is all in the Rebooks available for the current Scale-Out machines.

5 ZlatkoAIX commented Permalink

A defense could be put on behalf of the p720/p740's which support attachment of #5802/#5877 drawers. The slots in the latter are hot-pluggable, so technically speaking properly configured p720/p740 does not need to be powered down for adapter replacement. The statement holds true for p710/730 though. <div>&nbsp;</div> Bucket of grounded water? I hope this does not suggest the rear-door heat exchanger is leaking. <div>&nbsp;</div> p.s. the need to wear a wrist can be replaced when one's hands are constantly in contact with a properly earthed rack. The photos provide plenty fo evidence (I assume the screwdriver is conductive).