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This is a joke, right? Solaris is open source and free and AIX is not open in any respect, plus it is only offered commercially. Are you really trying to be taken seriously by anyone other than your existing customers? Please remove this page or at least hide it. This is the sort of thing that makes IBM the laughing stock of the open source world. Ugh! <div>&nbsp;</div> And, don't think for a second that taking GNU/Linux tied to proprietary applications make you a champion of Linux/FLOSS either. IBM is killing itself and it is very frustrating to watch.<div>&nbsp;</div> R&amp;B￿

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There is no problem selling closed source software on top of open source software. It great that you are selling DB2, Lotus Notes and a lot more for Linux.<div>&nbsp;</div> But you got some issues to work out like in all large organizations. Sun was slow to adapt to the rising of the open source movement, but they have done several smart moves lately.<div>&nbsp;</div> I do not have anything against AIX, z/OS, or any other closed operating system IBM develops. But has been a while since IBM has been in the media to showcase open source.<div>&nbsp;</div> The main problem I have with IBM is your nuclear weapons of software development: The patents. <div>&nbsp;</div> IBM is one major threath to Linux and open source. More and more users see this.

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Why would I want to migrate away from commercial grade, open source and FREE UNIX ( Solaris ) backwards into closed source, super expensive AIX ? Please, give me the selling points because I am sure that you must have some sort of FAQ or a quick comparison sheet somewhere. Something that shows how AIX is vastly superior in so many ways. What does AIX cost these days? For a simple one processor or dual processor server ? I went to the IBM homepage and did a quick search to buy AIX but could not find it. I did find "IBM XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition" compiler for $4000 plus. That is for an AIX Authorized User License. What does the AIX cost me per year ? That compiler will cost $4000 for a year of support but what is that? Phone in or per incident or what? I can get Solaris 10 for free. I can get Studio 11 for free. I can get Java for free. That's real Java. From Sun. I can get over 1600 open source software applications from for Solaris and that is for free. I can install all that on a four way dual core 64-bit Opteron server and not pay a dime if I CHOOSE. Or I can get full premium level support ( thats 24 x 7 phone support ) for LESS than $1 a day. Take a look here and then give your head a shake. You can't be serious.

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Thank you for the feedback. My employer needs to hear this. <div>&nbsp;</div> ## Editorial ##The intent of this post was "if you're going migrate to AIX, here's how". <div>&nbsp;</div> Regarding "open source" vs "proprietary": one of the best pieces of advice I've received is to "love your customer, not your product". In the case of IT, the customer is "your business". Typically your business wants to:<div>&nbsp;</div> 1) Maximize profit (increase sales or reduce costs)2) Reduce risk<div>&nbsp;</div> From this perspective, operating systems are just a tool. Use the tool that best supports your business objectives. If the solution is always "open source" or always "proprietary", your focus is not on your customer. <div>&nbsp;</div> ## End Editorial ##<div>&nbsp;</div>