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1 atahan commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there a way to map each VP to its physical placement? Other than a resource dump and get analyzed by IBM. lssrad does give a output but does not show physical mappings. <div>&nbsp;</div> I mean in a 4 book FHB, I want to know which of my LPARs mapped to the same book. <div>&nbsp;</div> By the way thanks for all these great posts. It is so hard to find correct info from other resources.

2 nagger commented Permalink

Good question the answer is nope - IBM Support does not want to document the dumps as they are really IBM internal nor encourage POWER users to get paranoid about physical layout. <div>&nbsp;</div> The point being that would be a large backward move to think, plan and monitor physical layout as that were your UNIX competitors are stuck i.e. in the 1990's :-)