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1 D16U_Heinrich_Backhausen commented Permalink

Hallo Nigel, <br /> from last years AIX Internals course (USSE) I learned, that with AIX 7 there 8 bits instead of 4 bits for SRAD ID inside the PID. <div>&nbsp;</div> Rgerdas <br /> Heinrich

2 ZlatkoAIX commented Permalink

No one bothered to notice that in the first example 29224 MB and 2490 MB do not add up to a round number. The memory assignments to partitions can be made only in increments of 256 MB. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am having a case with IBM Support now where a partition with 80 GB of memory (as per lsattr -El mem0) is listing only 29 in lssrad. AIX 6.1 TL7.

3 GuillermoOrdonez commented Permalink

Zlatko, the lssrad command wouldn't show you the pinned memory, that's why you're missing 51GB.