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1 milli commented Permalink

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2 smithhogg commented Permalink

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3 atahan commented Permalink

Thanks for perfect summary. <div>&nbsp;</div> However there is one thing in a two book FHB, a LPAR with 40VP addressed in one book (which has 32 ) As I understand from your post 40VP should be addressed to 40 physical so spread accross two books. Is it some problem about lssrad command or am I missing something? <div>&nbsp;</div> In addition to that I am not agree with you with "Don't Panic" part, you should panic one of my system cannot answer PowerHA process in time because of a mem-copy from far to local and crashed. The link between books are not that fast. <br />

4 nagger commented Permalink

Good question on the 40 VP LPAR and answered in my latest blog entry