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1 JulianFoster commented Permalink

Hi Nigel, <div>&nbsp;</div> As ever very interesting and informative information provided. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think what makes sizing of E and VCPU harder these days is how Power 7 behaves. <div>&nbsp;</div> Watching a LPAR average say 10 cores with the occasional spike to say 12 throughout the day does not necessarily mean that I need to set my E to 10. <div>&nbsp;</div> On further investigation I find that my physb is averaging around 10 cores, but the idle% is 30% plus I may still have free VCPUs, and looking deeper I can see I am only using the first thread of each core. Obviously if I have spare cores available then they will be used before threading occurs. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also I want to be able to use my 10 cores as efficiently as possible before calling upon the pool, so do I lower my E to say 8 and leave my VCPU at 10. <div>&nbsp;</div> These days it seems to be more of an allocate what you think the app requires as best as possible and then monitor / tune and tweak it as you go. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks Julian <div>&nbsp;</div>