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I've discovered you can also get a rather difficult to diagnose 'HSCLA27C The operation to get the physical device location for adapter...' if you somehow manage to assign a partition to the same physical FC HBA on the vios twice. This can happen if you delete an LPAR without removing the server VFC adapters from the VIOS profile, and if a new LPAR is created or LPMed over that happens to have the same partition ID. The VIOS/HMC will apparently consider it to be the same and the migmgr command will rather unhelpfully just print and return '80'. However you can find more details listed via alog: <div>&nbsp;</div> alog -t cfg -o | more <br /> ... <br /> C0 8716538 17:21:01 npiv_get_adapter.c 245 Client mapped to fscsi0 more than once. Cannot migrate. <br /> ...