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It's still easier to download packages from the original site. The best way to get help for these packages is to use the mailing list which can be accessed through the SourceForge site at: The list can be accessed from at or use the mail list at:aixtoolbox-list@lists.sourceforge.netsend a subscript message to get the topics.In all cases, remember that this is Open Source and not code owned by IBM. IBM does not provide support and only makes these packages available to help people get started.I realize the frustration that many of you have with some of the packages being somewhat old, and would like to see more members of the AIX support community get involved in putting newer versions at the owning sites.

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I strongly agree that many packages are extremely old.<div>&nbsp;</div> E.g. a few weeks ago I installed Samba from the toolbox. I don't know how old this package exactly was at the moment of installation but it was quite buggy. I suppose it was at least two years old. At the same time there were much more current versions available at and binaries at which I then installed.<div>&nbsp;</div> Does IBM no longer maintain the toolbox or what is going on here?<div>&nbsp;</div> Regards,<div>&nbsp;</div> Pete