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Did you have to do the setenv trick with Debian, or was that the same LPAR as the Fedora one just using a different disk to install to?

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No setenv trick was needed for the Debian virtual machine.

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As usual, very interesting stuff, thanks for taking the time to share! <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm wondering, did you encounter any issues with the d-i while having the ISO mounted via a VTOPT? As described on my website (see profile) i needed a patched version of find-partitions / parted to get the d-i to finish the install successfully. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also i'm very happy to hear there are new efforts on the subject of prebuild OSS packages for AIX. If i remember correctly there was a discussion on the aixtoolbox-list on SFnet with someone from within IBM stating that the demise of the aixtoolbox was largely due to legal issues, having to get each and everything past the IBM legal department. Maybe a community based effort with IBM donating some time and infrastructure to a community project would be a more promising approach ;-)

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No idea what you mean by "d-i". Checkout for pre-compiled open source for AIX. I am no lawyer but is SCO actually finally gone, some one could still buy the remains even now and pay its debts off. Oh how we laughed when SCO attempted to revoke IBM's, paraphrasing here: non-revokable in perpetuity (means forever) UNIX license - full marks IBM legal team :-)

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Sorry for the confusion, "d-i" means Debian Installer (Wheezy in this case). I know about the great work of Michael Perzl, but it sometimes seems like he's the last man standing fighting the good fight ;-)

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Hello Kperrier from a fellow Arsian! <div>&nbsp;</div> I just wanted to add a update that FC19 works fine on a Power7 720 (8202-E4C), you can also install this RPM ( and use yum to install the relevant RPMs to get DLPAR working, which I verified does work. <div>&nbsp;</div> I am wondering how Ubuntu LTS 12.04 works and if I could alien the rpm's and get DLPAR working in it or even in debian.

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HI Glenn, Thanks for the update I have the same question on Debian but not enough time, Of course, it is not supported but it would be good to know. The Debian based Ubuntu is my free Linux on Intel from personal choice on which I run Virtualbox. I once (many years ago) met and shook hands with Mark Shuttleworth at a Linux conference and fully expected a unlikable, self opinionated half billionaire but then found him to be a genuinely nice, knowledgeable and friendly person. Unfortunately, I can't find a Ubuntu port to Power Systems. There are references to Ubuntu running on older Power based Apple Macs, Cheers Nigel

8 GlennBrown ha hecho un comentario el Enlace permanente <br /> More specifically it states Power5/Openpower compatibility, now weather that works with new power boxes is of course a entirely different question. <div>&nbsp;</div> (direct ISO) <div>&nbsp;</div> Might also give opensuse a try, I am hoping next hardware purchase I can get some "TIP" money put in for actual RHEL/SLES licensing since where I work the "x86" linux is controlled by a different group right now, and it is pain for me to get linux instances. <div>&nbsp;</div> I also wanted to add that my setup is working with Virtual Fiber/NPIV setup to a EMC Vplex using dm-multipath (backend storage is a VMAX 40K).

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I have the same problem installing first cd-dvd iso image from sles 12 on p795 from vios with vopt. Redhat 7 was the best linux i have installed on power and it works out of the box with multipathing with just few editing of files. <br /> But sles 12 wont even boot. Suse has one iso image but sles with 2 iso images from no one i was able to boot and install. <br /> Maybe someone has a tip for me to get sles installed on power. I was not sure if the iso image is okay but the checksum :-) all i want to do is to configure a openldap server on linux. <br /> And even then, sles just offer me a sles 12 for power ppc64le try and buy. Nothing else. <br /> Redhat is not an option for the customer :-( windows and unix services just make me get out of IT :-) <br /> Do anyone has a suggestion? I am just thinking of setting up aix ldap server with kerberos and db2. <br /> What do you think?

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Hi Jaket, SLES 12 is Little Endian (note the "le" in the name). This is only expected to run on POWER8 based machines and your Power795 is POWER7. You should be able to install SLES 11.3 which is Big Endian. If you don't want to pay for your Linux on Power (i.e. SLES or RHEL) then Fedora (recommended as very like RHEL) or Debian are a better bet. I can't as of Dec 2014 get OpenSUSE running on Power (boot install failing but it might have got fixed and there is no CentOS for Power. I know nothing about LDAP so can't recommend further but I am a 30 year with AIX man so if in doubt use AIX!