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1 localhost commented Permalink

Usability of HMC V7 is nightmare. Console applet is weird and slow.<div>&nbsp;</div> Return HMC V6, please.

2 robberendt commented Permalink

Being a glutton for punishment I tried to upgrade my FF to 4.0.1. It doesn't show most of the data and you can't scroll to it.
I am running HMC V7R7.1.0 SP1.
I just upgraded to FF 4.0.1 says "You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6
Update 25)."
In FF, Tools, Options, Content I have these checked:
Block pop-up windows
Load images automatically
Enable JavaScript
Under Advanced I also have the following checked:
Move or resize existing windows
Raise or lower windows
Disable or replace context menus

I opened a pmr. Here are the results:
What you have stumbled across is an issue that has recently appeared.
Firefox 4 is not a supported (at this time) version of browser to work
with the HMC remotely.
We have created a request to development to get this repaired. The same
issues are also in IE8 which is also unsupported for now. In IE8 there
is a compatibility mode that can be used to circumvent the problems.
Our hope is that Mozilla will also release such a circumvention for the
short term fix.
For now, you will need to go back to V3 if possible, or you can use IE7,
both of which are currently supported. I don't have a timeline for when
this issue would be fixed in any HMC release as it is more an issue
related to the browser.
Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else we can assist you
with, or if we should close out the call.
Thanks for using IBM Support.
My workaround is to sort by various columns until I can see the row I need to work on.