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1 cggibbo commented Permalink

Yes, I'm an AIX person. I'd be more than happy to fill in a 10 minute survey. Would like to see a lot more marketing from IBM focusing on the AIX OS. It's been virtually non-existent for many years. Other vendors make a lot more noise about their UNIX OS. It's time IBM did the same with AIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> Perhaps an AIX polo shirt would be a good idea as well? <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

2 Alex Teterkin commented Permalink

There is old Russian joke: <br /> Once upon a time, the Lion, the king of all animals, ordered everybody to split into two groups, he said: "Those who smart, go to the left, and those who beautiful, go to the right". <br /> All the animals went to the left or to the right, only one monkey was sitting in the center. <br /> Lion asked her angrily: "Why do you sit still?" And she replied: "What shal I do? I am both: smart and beautiful". <br /> P.S.: So I am like that monkey: I like both AIX and POWER7. :)

3 soos commented Permalink

"If IBM offered AIX logo pin badge, AIX stickers, AIX mug at a reasonable cost - would you buy one?" -- Yes, definitely. <div>&nbsp;</div> "Would you fill in a 10 minute questionnaire to help IBM work out which parts of AIX you actually use a lot and suggest any AIX improvements if we offered a free sticker in the post?" -- Even without the free sticker. But it would be nice :)

4 tclaret commented Permalink

I will, I will. For an AIX sticker...

5 Daniel_Loftus commented Permalink

Yes, i'd fill in a survey &amp; if there was a merchandise set - i'd have the lot! <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Dan

6 eelco@ing commented Permalink

Does anyone else feel this way or am I sadly alone? -&gt; yes and no <div>&nbsp;</div> Put it another way would you spend two Dollar Euro Pounds (all increasingly worth about the same) on a AIX pin badge, AIX sticker, AIX mug or would prefer the same items but with just the POWER7 logo? -&gt;both <div>&nbsp;</div> Or do I need psychiatric help ... cards of a cheerful nature are welcome. -&gt; sure, me too btw, what's th address if the clinic? <div>&nbsp;</div> If IBM offered AIX logo pin badge, AIX stickers, AIX mug at a reasonable cost - would you buy one? <br /> No, only as free gift! <br />

7 fgd123 commented Permalink

I love AIX and would love IBM to price it equaly to the Linux alternativ so we could run even more instans.

8 Delgado commented Permalink

as for the questionnaire: do it please! <br /> and make the results available to the product manager or whoever can make decisions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best Regards <br /> D. <br />

9 tony.evans commented Permalink

IBM's decision to stop marketing AIX hasn't gone unnoticed, more and more customers look at Linux and think, why would I run that on expensive pSeries hardware when I could run it on cheap hardware. They no longer think about running AIX on pSeries, because IBM doesn't push the benefits over Linux on pSeries. <div>&nbsp;</div> Without the benefits AIX, pSeries is expensive.

10 RichardBeatty commented Permalink

I am constantly surprised what my kids will do for stickers. Looks like they got it from me: Bring on the questionnaire!

11 exsnafu commented Permalink

I'm in the both category, more often lately though in life I find myself touting the hardware/hypervisor features/functionality more so than the OS. <div>&nbsp;</div> also, i'd fill out a questionnaire for nothing but if i did have to get a free gift, i'd rather it wasn't a sticker.. i don't have much use for stickers.. tshirts on the other hand.. well, who doesn't like geek clothing. <div>&nbsp;</div> I always complain to my IBM rep that they don't do enough with shirts.. of course, when HP brought us all pink polo's I kind of wished they hadn't.. so it's kind of a double edged sword

12 MattDulson commented Permalink

As the integration between the hardware, hypervisor/firmware and O/S is one of the key reasons why AIX beats it's competitors in my view, and makes my life easier on a daily basis then I guess I'd take the same path as the monkey and say both. Also, I work for peanuts. <div>&nbsp;</div> I would like an AIX sticker to put on my laptop, whether I had to buy it or do a short survey wouldn't bother me either way.

13 wojtek_z commented Permalink

A sticker on laptop will be good.

14 tbastia commented Permalink

I would fill in a survey. I have supported many versions of UNIX, and a quite few versions of Linux. AIX generally is simpler to support, and requires less outages. Some of the online activities I have done, I would never try with anything else without an outage. I think IBM should market both Linux on Power and AIX more. <br />

15 KrisGillespie commented Permalink

I find I'm more of a AIX guy and less of a POWER guy. Maybe it's also a bit of the mentality of people to try and associate themselves with large and powerful things. Saying you work on a 64 core system with 2TB of RAM sounds more impressive than you work with AIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> People can be funny like that. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think AIX should get out there some more, build some mindshare. Most everyone I talk to outside of my work but who are also geeks tend to think AIX is dying/dead and have no idea how prevalent it really is. <div>&nbsp;</div> As far as swag goes.....bring it.

16 neetbix commented Permalink

As a user of AIX since Version 1.0, and sometime administrator during my career, I would say I am more of an AIX fanboy. I do think, however, that it is the whole package - hardware. virtualisation and Operating System - that makes the difference.

17 r0bby commented Permalink

Of course i'd write for a 10-min survey ; that's because i'm definitely an AIX person. <br /> I know that one of the strenghts of aix is because it's an os that is built as a glove over a ultra specialized (and powerful) hardware , so the hw leads and the sw follows as someone told me . <br /> But as many of you already said , AIX marketing has been non-existant for too many years ..

18 JordanL7 commented Permalink

AIX and POWER are almost one and the same to me. IBM will probably always tout the hardware over the OS just because the numbers can always be more "impressive" (my opinion here). I love AIX but would like to see more Linux on POWER as well. I'd be interested in hearing other peoples successes with it! I see too much Linux on cheap commodity hardware. People bang their drum about this all day long cause it "look, I have UNIX reliability!" and it is so cheap. Seems that people seem to overlook the RAS statement, licenses costs...which can be more expensive in the long run. <div>&nbsp;</div> To make a long story short, I'd say I'm both! I happily take a 10min survey. It would be nice to see some AIX and or POWER swag as someone else put it! <div>&nbsp;</div>

19 Trux commented Permalink

I'm a AIX person, of course, but can't deny I feel a little touchy about "my" big servers too... I actually talk to "my" Power5, 6 and 7 boxes when I'm servicing them. <br /> A tour to the machine room twice a week is common here... how do you not relate to your solid technology? I'm obviously joking, but I think that the truth is in the middle: AIX and POWER go ahnd in hand, no other way so far! <br /> A questionnaire? Sure! <br /> Merchandise? Yes I would shell some doblons for AIX (and/or POWER!!!) stuff... even a t-shirt would be considered! <br /> Keep us informed...

20 RCeleste commented Permalink

I'd write for a 10-min survey for sure ; that's because i'm definitely an AIX person. <br /> I know that one of the strenghts of aix is because it's an os that is built as a glove over a ultra specialized (and powerful) hardware , so the hw leads and the sw follows as someone told me . <br /> But as many of you already said , AIX marketing has been non-existant for too many years ..

21 Jim_Carstensen commented Permalink

I'm definitely more of an AIX person. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the hardware, but the OS is what I touch and see. A good test is that i don't see the point of Linux on Power - yes, more stable/faster hardware, but less compiled for it and don't feel like getting the worth of the cost, while AIX is the opposite. <div>&nbsp;</div> Not sure about buying AIX swag, though I'd gladly use it. Of course, I've had a coffee mug with "RISC System/6000 IBM PowerPC The New Power Play" on my desk holding pens for 14 years, so I may just be a sucker for either. <div>&nbsp;</div> And I would be estatic to fill out survey, or even give interviews to people interested in the parts of AIX I like, dislike, use, and ignore when I can. I would seriously love to give feedback to people who would listen to it with an ear towards the OS, as opposed to just an ear towards sales. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

22 B.Eckenfels commented Permalink

As an ISV type person I dont like AIX so much. All the tools have very old fashioned defaults (think pages, blocks, etc), often the columns of the tools do not align properly. Although it is hard for me to understand the overall architecture I do have a feeling it is quite powerfull (sometimes maybe too many options). Having contact with customer admins I can say that most only have a basic understanding of the system (which seems to work out well enough in most but not all cases). Bernd

23 VesaSaarenpää commented Permalink

Let me put it this way: I would run aix in my lenovo, if I could. Enough said? ;)

24 BruceTHarvey commented Permalink

Catching up on old entries ... AIX 1st, but POWER 2nd. I've been here since the 32H I first ran upon ... quite some time ago. AIX 3.1.2. So Definitely AIX 1st, since as an AIX-er, I've never been out of a job. (Funny ... I don't find it that complex, but all the Solaris guys and Linux guys say so! It's just different! Solaris and Linux can be convoluted out the proverbial wazoo.) Yes, badge, mug (16-oz), hat, jacket, pin, shirt (with collar and pocket, not T-). Most definitely.

25 AtifSami commented Permalink

Yes I m AIX and Power7 person and If IBM offer AIX stickers, AIX mug at a reasonable cost - would you buy one?" -- Yes, definitely.

26 Hatterz commented Permalink

Have IBM missed a trick not porting AIX to x64 like Solaris has? As a functional user friendly OS there is nothing that comes close to AIX but it's dependency on a specific hardware is reminiscent of their earlier determination to hang onto microchannel (that died as well). I was a senior AIX sysadmin both when I worked at IBM and later when I moved into Banking IT (now I am a mere solutions architect) and the company that I work for is actively migrating off pSeries/AIX despite the huge pluses of the OS because the overall support costs are much higher than Linux on x64 pieces of tin. We will lose an enterprise level OS because IBM are sometimes too draconian about what they deliver, maybe it's time to take off the blinkers and see the market for what it is