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1 DaveHay commented Permalink

Hi Nigel <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for a great summary of the latest and greatest in the world of POWER. Sadly, the first of the two links ( for Manchester ) is broken. <div>&nbsp;</div> You've got: - <div>&nbsp;</div>;seminar=86ZBY6ES&amp;locale=en_GB <div>&nbsp;</div> whereas it should be: - <div>&nbsp;</div>;seminar=86ZBY6ES&amp;locale=en_GB <div>&nbsp;</div> e.g. a missing slash between grp019.nsf and v16_agenda. <div>&nbsp;</div> :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, Dave Hay

2 MichaelAM commented Permalink

Considering your blog name - AIXpert - I am suprised you did not comment earlier on the command aixpert !!