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1 Jeff Schoby commented Permalink

Damn, I could have used this chart a couple of months ago. Is there a newsletter/wiki/web page internal IBMers can subscribe to or access to get the latest greatest version of this? Would be good to have for customers who are lagging behind in OS upgrades but are buying new hardware to swap out old hardware.

2 nagger commented Permalink

This is a public Blog- what would the point of an internal to IBM website be? It is not an offical IBM publication. Richard and I will try to keep this up to date in the future and available via this blog, so please follow this Blog for this and other updates, news and technical topics.

3 Julie_Craft commented Permalink

This info is also available with System Software Maps - <br /> It's not table based, but you can find all the min levels for AIX &amp; VIOS by MTM. <div>&nbsp;</div> There is also a link to SSM (System Software Maps) on the FLRT site - <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks! <br /> Julie Craft

4 Manoj Suyal commented Permalink

One word amazing .