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1 ppereira commented Permalink

What about some old version of WebSphere, maybe 3.5 or something like that that is not supported on Aix 7 any more?. It starts a graphic console and maybe can host some sample web app.

2 Palermo commented Permalink

Hello Nigel! <div>&nbsp;</div> We have a versioned wpar AIX 5.3 and we are trying to configure a X server in a Versioned WPAR for Oracle Apps without success.... A call is open without success until now. <div>&nbsp;</div> The xinit command automatically suicide and the X server can't be launched by Oracle but xclock is running correctly. Do you have already done a X config in a V WPAR?

3 sunspider commented Permalink

Hi Palermo, <div>&nbsp;</div> Have you found any solution ? I am facing the same issue with X11 on wpar AIX5.2

4 nagger commented Permalink

Can you explain your need for X11 ? You are unlikely to have graphics hardware on a server. Have you users wanting X11 access and running X11 on their workstations? I installed tightvnc-server (with dependent zlib and libjpeg) RPMs and VNC server works fine. Is this an alternative for you?