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1 ASIFSHAIK commented Permalink

We also faced this issue last week. One particular item is over sold 2000 times. I analyzed and found that there are -ve values in RECEIPT.QTYONHAND and RECEIPT.QTYINPROCESS. What I observed is this issue occurred only RECEIPT.QTYINPROCESS having greater -ve value. eg: RECEIPT.QTYONHAND = -20 , RECEIPT.QTYINPROCESS=-25

Why don't IBM put a CHECK Constraint on RECEIPT.QTYONHAND, RECEIPT.QTYINPROCESS for accepting positive integers.

2 SteveWebb commented Permalink

Hello @ASIFSHAIK, Thanks for the comment. It looks like you have opened a service request (problem record) with Support for this issue, which is the right thing to do since it looks like the problem you experienced goes beyond the scope of this blog article. Thanks, Steve Webb