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1 CHRIS64 commented Permalink

Hi Roy,
Would you happen to know how Commerce determines whether a message should be handled by a serial inbound MQ connector or a parallel inbound MQ connector?

I can see them both defined and enabled in the wc-server.xml along with the Listener for "WebSphere MQ (TransportAdapter)" component which uses the TransportAdapter to load up the connectors at startup.
I can also see the MessageMappers defined for given message types.
There just doesn't seem to be any connection between the messageMapper and which connector it is linked to.

2 Roy.Leung commented Permalink

For the answer of the question, the connector that handles the message is determined by the queue that you setup in MQ, and by the configuration you follow in the Additional Software Guide or the link below:
Configuring WebSphere Application Server for use with WebSphere MQ
Creating WebSphere MQ messaging provider queue destinations

There, you should have configured JMSParallelInboundQueue to connect to a queue in MQ, in which all messages are processed by the parallel connector. Similar case happens to JMSSerialInboundQueue.
I do not believe this has to do with message mapper.
Hope this helps.