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1 TorstenSchaefer commented Permalink

Hi Valerie,
many thanks for the detailed information.
We are thinking of setting ExpiryInterval to '1' (one second) in our WMQ 7.5 environment on AIX - do you know, whether this might have impact on performance?
Brgds, Torsten

2 ValerieLampkin commented Permalink

By default, the internal expirer task runs every 300 seconds (5 minutes). Lowering the frequency to every second could impact performance depending on your overall configuration (number of queues, etc).

3 Baburao commented Permalink

Hello Valarie

Thanks for the posting this.
Have a question:
Will the "expirer" send a report to the "replyToQueue" on the message if
"JMS_IBM_Report_Expiration" is set to "MQRO_EXPIRATION_WITH_FULL_DATA"

4 ValerieLampkin commented Permalink

Baburao, Queue managers put report messages on an application's reply-to queue so if you have the report options set as you indicated then you should expect to see a report message on that queue.