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1 Nchava commented Permalink

I am trying to Export the connection details i have added in the MQ explorer v7.5 as an archive file, but unable to do so.
But if i select it as MQ Explorer settings , i am able to export the seetings as xml file but not as an archive file.
Is it an issue with 7.5 ?

2 mattchapman commented Permalink

Thank you @Nchava for your comment. Previous versions of MQ Explorer exported settings to a zip file, and these can still be imported into MQ Explorer V7.5, but now settings are always exported as an XML file. Do you see an advantage to storing that XML file inside a zip file?

3 AniketG commented Permalink

Does MQ explorer 7.5 has built in MB explorer? I know MQ 7.5 explorer is stand alone application and doesnt need any other installation. Do I have to install MB explorer plugin with that to connect to MB components?

4 mattchapman commented Permalink

Thank you @AniketG for your comment. MQ Explorer does not include MB Explorer, so yes you need to install the MB Explorer plugin to connect to MB.