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Is this WebSphere MQ an add-on to WebSphere created by a Third Party? If so, what other software has this company created in the past and how much does it cost?

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Hello @FrankManus,
WebSphere MQ is an IBM product. It is not an add-on to WebSphere Application Server, but a separate product which you should consult with your IBM Representative, business partner, or IBM directly to obtain the WebSphere MQ product. You can find further details about the product and links to gather additional information on the WebSphere MQ main page:


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People should also know that even once this is setup, WebSphere MQ does not traverse domain boundaries which means that accounts from trusted domains do not work. I know the documentation kind of indicates it, but at the time I was working on it 3 - 6 months ago it wasn't as clear as maybe it could be.

This caused some real issues for us in setting up MQ because our servers are all hosted in a different domain than our user accounts. The install kept failing even though the user doing the install was in the Administrators group and the local mqm group. It has meant that no one can use their normal login to install or to administer the MQ servers.

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Accounts from trusted domains will work depending on how your environment is configured. The Object Authority Manager (OAM) first checks the local security database, then the database of the primary domain, and finally the database of any trusted domains. Due to the API's being used to determine user authority, there are some limitations as defined in our manual.
As far as the installation issue encountered when using domain accounts to install, the problem is also due to user account authentication. If the logged on domain user account was not configured correctly to query the domain, then you may encounter the problem.

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Thanks for the reply.

The account under which MQ was running was configured to be able to query the domain in which it was a member (call this domain A) (per the information in the manuals). We have been able to successfully use user accounts in domain A to administer. But domain A trusts domain B and user accounts from domain B don't work.
Is this the type of thing we should call and open a PMR on to get assistance?

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Yes, I recommend you open a PMR with Websphere MQ to determine why your user id's in domain B are not authorized even though you are in a trust environment.