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Updated in 3 spots to add USERSRC(NOACCESS) to the examples.

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Can you please help me on the below doubt.

How can i allow an ID if its connecting from a particular IP or two? For example, connection should be allowed only if user ID 'mango' connects from IP and from no other IPs.
Also is there anyway i can couple multiple sets of same kind? like two or three ids and from specific IPs.
I can achieve this using BlockIP but using chlauth, i am not sure about the same using chlauth.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rathnakaran,

You can allow client-side user ID 'mango' in from IP address with this rule - this assumes that running the SVRCONN as 'mango' is what you want to do (and that 'mango' is not a privileged user ID). If you also have the backstop rule in place then that covers the "and from no other IPs" requirement.
SET CHLAUTH(channel-name) TYPE(USERMAP) CLNTUSER('mango') ADDRESS('') DESCR('Allow mango in only from this IP') USERSRC(CHANNEL)
You can have as many lines like this in your CHLAUTH configuration as you have user IDs or IP address to state. Each CHLAUTH line like the above is similar to a BlockIP2 configuration file line.