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1 K678_Manjunath_R_W commented Permalink

Hi RicK,

I've a query and it may be a little irrelevant with the blog you have mentioned, forgive me for that
I've Windows 7 Ultimate running in my PC and have installed MQ 7.0.1
Also I've installed VMware Workstation, I've installed Windows 2008 Server on the same.
Now, both the host and the Virtual machine are pingable to each other: Below is the list of Objects defined and used on both
Host Ip:
Queue Manager: Reaper
Xmitq: qt
remote queue: QR (pointing to QL on QM: THUNDERBOLT)
Sender Channel : CHL.TB, chltype: SDR, TRPTYPE: TCP, Connanme:
VIrtual Machine Ip:
Queue manager: Thunderbolt
Local Queue: QL
receiving channel: CHL.TB, chltype: rcvr
Listener: LST IP addr: Port : 2000
So far so good, the sender channel when started enters the Binding state first and then goes ahead and enters retrying state. (Alas)
And the receiving channel never changes from it's inactive state.
The Listener is always active and running.
Can you help me with this?

2 SteveWebb commented Permalink

Hello @K678_Manjunath_R_W,
I spoke to Rick about this and it goes beyond the scope of his blog entry. You can open an SR / PMR (problem record) with the support center for assistance. Here is a link with information for the SR tool: