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1 srisandi commented Permalink

Hi chin,

i m interested to learn wepshere ILOG jrules for COBOl.
Could you please share the download path for the software and the materail ?

2 LiezlChin commented Permalink

Hello Srisandi,
We don't have a trial version anymore if you're looking for one. See useful information and contact found at this URL:

JRules for COBOL is no longer the version we recommend. See the latest IBM Redpaper publication in "Using IBM Operational Decision Manager: IMS COBOL BMP, COBOL DLIBATCH, and COBOL MPP"

3 R12F_Sabir_Ali commented Permalink

Hi, please share the download link for ILog Jrule for java develop. If it is not available then what is the way forward to get it downloaded. please share details.

4 LiezlChin commented Permalink

Hi R12F_Sabir_Ali,
Here's the download document url: