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1 BillBulfin commented Permalink

Great entry, thanks!

2 Slayer666 commented Permalink


If I see the following in SystemOut on WAS does it mean I am running the base RAR
[15/03/13 10:11:37:690 EST] 00000000 JMSRegistrati A WMSG1611I: The installed level of the WebSphere MQ messaging provider is
[15/03/13 10:11:38:003 EST] 00000000 JMSRegistrati I WMSG1703I: RAR implementation version

3 tamekawoody commented Permalink

Hello Brian,

Yes, you are running the base version of the WebSphere MQ Resource Adapter since the WMSG1703I message displays Please use the information above to apply the latest maintenance level.

4 bipboom commented Permalink

should we apply the latetst rar from mq server to websphere sever