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1 NRTR_tripatjeet_singh commented Permalink

Hi Ozair,

Thats really a helpful piece of information. However I am still thinking on the lines where I will have to expose the datapower services over internet so that mobile user can make use of it.
I have a query regarding the firewall setup. Do I need to enable a custom port at datapower to allow public access and then enable security at the service layer. Can we achieve this using port 80 or 443 ?

2 ozair commented Permalink

Exposing any service over the Internet requires firewall setup, typically this would involve exposing port 443 or 80 with the IP address of either an external load balancer or IP address of the DataPower appliance.

Once you have created the appropriate firewall rules, which will allow access to the DataPower appliance, then you will need to enforce user and application security within your DataPower service.