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1 ShirleyTX commented Permalink

I hope Capitalware does this again next year. Reading the schedule, seeing the photos, and reading accounts like yours -- it just all sounds wonderful. No way my employer will sponsor me, but the conference looks so inviting that I will come on my own!

2 PPotkay commented Permalink

What shouldn't be overlooked was how affordable this was compared to other conferances, as well as the quality of the facilities. <div>&nbsp;</div> I purchased my pass in advanced at only paid $249. For 3 solid days of sessions where not one time slot was a throw away that is a great value. The free food offered as part of the conferance package was very good. <div>&nbsp;</div> I had some concerns about The Kalahari before I showed up. But the place is great. New, clean, modern, affordable. And the conferance facilites are as good as anything Vegas has to offer.

3 Morag Hughson commented Permalink

I think there is a good change that it will be run again next year from what Roger says here ( And yes Peter, it was indeed excellent value for money - even the last minute price was really good value - given what was on offer for that price.