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1 NRTR_tripatjeet_singh commented Permalink

Hello Valerie,

We are facing a similar issue wrt MQ Clusters. We contacted the IBM support and they asked us to cleanup the repositories and apply fix APAR IV25030.
We have upgrades planned from MQv7.0.1.8 to MQv8.0 but we aren't sure if APAR IV25030 is part of the package MQv8.0 or if this issue has been taken care in this release of MQ.
It will be really appreciable if you could help me with this information.

2 ValerieLampkin commented Permalink

MQ v8 should not need to have an ifix for APAR IV25030. However, if you are migrating queue managers in a cluster that has already been affected and the cluster cache shows corruption, there are detailed cleanup steps you would still need to follow after applying ifix or upgrading to V8. If you believe your cluster cache may be corrupted, please open a PMR for further investigation.