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1 K5W2_Anisur_Rehman commented Permalink

I am in urgent need to know about Websphere/ThreadPool/HAManager. thread. pool/% UsedPoolSize/count >= 90.0%

I have an IBM WAS 7 standalone with One instance. During Load Performance test it is showing HAManager. thread. pool 90 used.
Is this important value. hope this parameter not significant for WAS ND 7 when only instance configured. Please tell me how to remove this error from the WAS registry on RHEL 6
I got mad with the reported Error and my performance tester is blaming my management on web server issue.
Muscat, Oman

2 csadtler commented Permalink

Hi, I am sorry, but I am not able to answer your question. I would recommend that you put in a service request at