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This works except I don't seem be be able to the customizations to be deployed. When I 'run the explorer from "ExplorerWebStart/CICS_Explorer" and customize it', this customization (other than added plugins) doesn't appear to be saved in the CICS_Explorer directory and isn't in the deployed jar. Is there is trick to prime the end user's workspace?

Also, I tried putting in a connections.pref file in the CICS_Explorer directory and it does get deployed, but running the deployed explorer doesn't show the connections defined in connections.pref.

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Thanks for reporting the problems.
We have solved the issue with connections.pref by updating the code in explorer_webstart.jar (new version dated 25th May).
So download the zip file again and give it a try.
I am investigation a solution to the customization deployment.
Best Wishes, Steve Bolton
CICS Explorer Development

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@RCB5_Phil_Sidler Thanks for the feedback. Please see the above comment from Steve Bolton. I have replaced the in the blog entry.

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Thanks, you two. connections.pref works now. I did have quite a bit of confusion getting it to work though. connections.pref was deployed, but some of my predefined ctg plugin connections didn't work. It turned out to be the jre I was using. I had downloaded the jdk7 since I needed a jdk to run the BuildWebStart.cmd and jdk7 installed jre7. Going back to jre6 (not a straightforward process) and everything worked.

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Great news, glad it worked.
I am working on a solution Dave Nice provided for customising view columns etc - I just need to verify it works for me with web start tomorrow (hopefully) and then I'll write it up for you.

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Cics explorer java web start works fine. However i need to customize some perspectives then deploy. It's not working. Is there any update in terms of customizations ?

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I did try out the solution and unfortunately it failed to work with explorer when run through web start.
Sorry I didn't update my post. I had to move on to other development work.

We have received requests for customers to be able to customise perspectives and which views are presented to groups of users. We don't have an answer yet but we are aware of these requirements.
Could you please add details of the customisations you would like to make?
Thanks, Steve

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The original post has been updated to include a second version of BuildWebStart.cmd that contains error checking and the source has also been included as explorer_webstart.src. Thanks Steve, Dave, and Nick for making these new attachments available!

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The original post has been updated (December 6, 2012) in the Further information section and Note 1 was added. The Web Start sample binary and source code are updated to allow the system administrator to override the install directory for the CICS Explorer instance installed via Java Web Start. Inside the <resources> element of both the install.jnlp and launch.jnlp files, add a property to specify, like this: <property name="" value="c:/temp/explorerjws"/>

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We've installed javawebstart for CICS explorer and noticed that when you initially pull down explorer from the server, it doesn't open up initially. After waiting a few minutes we double click the icon to open it again and it then opens. We've tried this on several users and it happens every time. Is there anyway to resolve this issue so explorer opens up after its initially pulled down from the server? Otherwise we have to tell users to click the icon, wait 5 minutes and click it again. Also a splash screen or status window would be nice when the software is initially being installed and opened so the user knows something is going on, otherwise it appears to the end user that clicking on the icon did nothing.

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Hi Keith. Sorry to hear about the problems.

When I use web start (via Firefox or Internet Explorer) I see a a Java Starting window, followed by download for "launch.jnlp". After that the download is processed in the background and the CICS Explorer opens. Sometimes the explorer window opens up behind the browser window but I can see it in the task bar. If there is a problem, a Java window opens telling me that there has been a problem, with a details button to view the error messages. (This is using Windows 7 with Firefox 15 or IE 8)
Unfortunately this is all dependant on the browser and the version of Java you are using on the client machine. Oracle provide a guide at
There are also samples at
which you can try to see if the problem is explorer specific or general to Java Web Start.
This page
explains how to enable logging for web start and where the logs are kept. If the logs show a problem in the explorer code run by web start we can look at it for you. However we aren't responsible for Java Web Start or the browser so we can't support that.
Please let us know how you get on and what you find out.
Thanks, Steve

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Is this possible using the new z/OS explorer? Also, will there be a version that support 64 bit java?

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(Posting comment provided by Dave Nice)
Hi @keith723, Thanks for your question. The Web Start technique is still applicable to z/OS Explorer but you would have to alter the sample code. Installation Manager doesn't provide z/OS Explorer in the correct format for Web Start so you'd need to install z/OS Explorer into Eclipse using our update site and jar the Eclipse containing z/OS Explorer as your package. You'd need to update the code where it calls out the CICS Explorer product ID to start the Eclipse product ID instead and rename your eclipse directory to CICS_Explorer (or go through the code and change all the references!)
Similarly with 64-bit. We don't provide a 64-bit Explorer so you'd need to "roll your own" using a 64-bit Eclipse and installing CICS Explorer into it.
Don't forget that CICS Explorer is actually just z/OS Explorer with the CICS plugins installed on top, so unless you specifically don't want your enterprise to have access to the CICS administration interfaces within CICS Explorer, then there's no need to to use z/OS Explorer on its own.

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Blog entry updated with new BuildWebStart.cmd on April 11, 2014 - new version of BuildWebStart.cmd previously included in This new version better handles paths with spaces in them, prints out the command before it is run - making diagnosing issues easier, and contains additional error checking that is better for use in real practice. Note: the html file extension should be removed from the filename so that the resulting filename is "BuildWebStart.cmd". The html extension was only added to allow the upload/download to work properly for this blog entry).

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I am attempting to use the BuildWebstart.cmd, the first time I thought it worked but it did not generate the Jar file. The second time it is not prompting me for any input. is there some kind of cleanup that has to be done before it's run for any subsequent times.?

Any help would be appreciated.