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1 ThisIsDeb commented Permalink

I'm trying to use this generator as in my environment RES running under WebSphere 7. Unlike Web Service generator that comes with Rules Studio, this only generates MTDS project. This does not generate MTDS client project. How can I generate MTDS client project that can be used along with the MTDS generated by this generator? If you could provide some direction that will be helpful. - Thanks

2 LiezlChin commented Permalink

@ThisIsDeb - thanks for the comment. I am glad you find this tool useful. The good thing about the client is, that it is standard. Does not require any JRules classes. You can use SoapUI for quick testing. If you need a Java client, the Eclipse IDE provides a useful wizard to generate Web Service Client. You will find in this Eclipse_tutorial (external link) the detail to create your own client.

3 EBYT_Naseem_Mohammed commented Permalink

Will this for JRules version 7.0.3

4 LiezlChin commented Permalink

@EBYT_Naseem_Mohammed - It was not tested with V7.0.3 The plugins depends on a lot of code from JRules and the base has changed, so it might not work. Both version uses the same eclipse so that part should be compatible. For the implementation itself the code is provided. In case it does not work properly it should be possible to alter the code