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1 Hendrik_Engler commented Permalink

Some words on the post that might be unclean:

1. I am not aware of any script but consider this refers to the backupConfig tool. This tool does only backup the config of the profile but not any transaction logs files etc.
2. Rather than keeping an order of managed nodes and the deployment manager, an explicit sync of the nodes would be sufficient. Review the deployment manager node agents overview to get to know if all the nodes are in sync or review the node agents log file to verify that the last sync was performed successfully.
An excellent article on WPS disaster recovery, background information and design considerations can be found here:

2 Mykyta_Kostovskyy commented Permalink

@Hendrik_Engler: Thanks you for reading and commenting on this post. Sorry for my typo, I've changed in the article to Also I have included the great developer work as a reference to my post.

3 Mr. Julian Borrero commented Permalink

Hi Mykyta

Has been a while since you write this article, there's some update to reflect the new version of process server? Right now I'm on version 8.5 and would like to know what changes of the platform affect the possible backup strategies we shall implement.
Thank you.

4 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

Hi Mr. Borrero.
Since Mykyta wrote this blog article in 2010, he has moved into a different role. However, I hope that my information can help you. Because you are referring to Version 8.5, I assume that you are using our IBM Business Process Manager products. I did some research and came across a section of the IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 product documentation that starts with the Disaster Recovery topic. There is quite a bit of information in that section on what to back up, how, and why. You can find the beginning of that section at the following URL:

Incidentally, we now have a separate blog pertaining to the IBM Business Process Management products, which includes the WebSphere Process Server and IBM Business Process Manager products. It is accessible through the following URL:
Hopefully, you will find some topics of interest on that blog as well.
Bill Wentworth
IBM Knowledge Engineering