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1 SvenBöcherer commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> I am writing my dissertation on BRMS right now. I want to compare the performance of different systems. One of those systems is IODM as they call it now in V8.5. I want to start off with the Manners-Benchmark before I implement and test the benchmark I created on my own. <br /> I am struggling to find anything on the Mrs. Manners-Benchmark in IODM. I cant seem to find any sources for the implementation. Since you provide people with a lot of information on that system, I was wondering if you could help me find what I am looking for. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards, <br /> Sven Böcherer

2 LiezlChin commented Permalink

Sven, check the IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.5 information roadmap: or visit the forum at