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1 csibbald commented Permalink

Note that it is not necessary to deploy a webapp (war file) to the Jazz Team Server for the links on work items to work. You can also post a static website generated with RMC to a webserver and enter the URL of the published website on the work item export dialog box. In this case (static website) you should use the complete path to the index.htm file on the webserver. For example, if you host your website on a server called "myserver" and the index.htm is in the directory "myprocess" you would enter the following URL in the work item export dialog:

If you enter a base URL that begins with a "/" (and does not have the http:// portion of the URL) it is assumed that the process description is hosted on the same server as the RTC project area.

2 csibbald commented Permalink

You will find some related information at the following links:

Blog on "Enacting Processes with Rational Method Composer and Rational Team Concert"
Process Templates for Rational Team Concert (Disciplined Agile Deliver, Agility@Scale)

3 Canny commented Permalink

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