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Comments (2)

1 YDU commented Permalink

I download SPSSINC_SPLIT_DATASETandPROCESS_FILES.zip and installed the extension bundle. It does create a dialogue box on the Utility menu.

Does it take care of Python programmability plug-in (I see both .py file and .xml file in the zip folder) ? Or do I need to install additional programs?
I have a list of SPSS data files (identical format) and need to do the same transformation for each one: rename variables, drop some variables and eventually save each one in a new file.
I have no knowledge in Python. How can I use this extension commands? Can you provide some sample codes/syntax for this?
Thank you so much!

2 Chris Aberson commented Permalink

I am using this and I keep getting an error "All variables in the working file or in variable sets in use are inappropriate for this dialog box" -- I attempting to take a datafile wherein the first variable in the file indicates the split (1-100; there are 100 cases within each split, for a total of 10,000 cases). I have used this file for several analyses that support the Split File analysis without an issue.

Any suggestions? As described this extension seems a great addition but I can't get it off the ground.

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