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1 Brett-AME commented Permalink

Great article, but I tried putting http://<your host="host" and="and" port="port">/maxrest/rest/os/mxperson in a web browser and got:

Error 401: BMXAA0021E - User name and password combination are not valid. Try again.
In order to view the XML output generated by the URI and parameters, you need the following 2 parameters:
For example:
http://<your host="host" and="and" port="port">/maxrest/rest/os/mxperson?_lid=<username>&_lpwd=<password></password></username></your></your>

2 Andy.Lillo commented Permalink

Great to simply understand Maximo REST API.
for example : http://hostname:port/maxrest/rest/os/mxperson?_lid=<youruername>&_lpwd=<yourpassword>

3 jballnik commented Permalink

I want to use json as my output format. I've updated the following properties in System Properties to json. <div>&nbsp;</div> <br /> <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> I've restarted the server, but I'm still seeing XML when I hit the REST URL. Is there something I'm missing?