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I am so glad this issue has finally been addressed!!!

2 JC_Wilson comentou às Link permanente

For clarity, you are not "Turning Off" any of the business rules in this example. You are simply reversing the result of this rule once it does fire.

3 Shannon Sutton comentou às Link permanente

So in the case I want to use the asset on a Work Order and it populates the Location and fires the auto script my asset gets cleared.. How would you do a work around for that? <div>&nbsp;</div> Here is the scenario.. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have location ABC and location ABC has a single asset DEF. <br /> When location ABC is selected Asset DEF is not populated on the Work Order. <div>&nbsp;</div> When the Work Order has no location or asset and I select Asset DEF the location of the Asset is Location ABC the script fires and removes Asset DEF and only Location ABC is populated on the Work Order.

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I followed the example above, but my use case is a little different. By default, whenever a new work order is created, the reportedby is automatically filled in with the current person.personid. I want to turn off reportedby having this default value. I was able to get rid of the field data using the above script example, but now if I enter any data in that field, the script continues to run and empties whatever data I put in. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can the script be adjusted for my use case?

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Is it possible in Automation Scripting to hide Workorder application for a specific Security Group?

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If you wish to hide wotrack from an entire security group, and you can do it at the security group level.