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1 WendyStevenson commented Permalink

None of the attached links actually get you to the "Streamlined instructions for clustering". It would be great to have the link take you directly to the instructions.

2 AnnScanlan commented Permalink

Hi Wendy, <br /> Thank you for the feedback. I've updated the blog post to provide links that are more direct. <br /> Thanks, <br /> Ann

3 jefftkish commented Permalink

It is my understanding that with 7.5 architecture improvements have been implemented such that separate RMI applications are no longer recommended. Can you verify and if so, are some of these instructions in need of review? thanks <br /> Jeff

4 AnnScanlan commented Permalink

Hello, Jeff. Thanks for your feedback. I've checked with our performance team, and they confirm that you're correct. I've passed the information along to the relevant ID team. <br /> Thanks again! <br /> Ann