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1 Brian_Baird commented Permalink

I would caution that I have had an issue when a SP has another SP nested inside, results are corrupted. It may have been fixed, I don't know. <div>&nbsp;</div> Brian

2 BKDowning commented Permalink

Brian, thanks for posting this. I know we worked on the solution together and we proofed it for Oracle as well for our client in need of this answer. any chance of getting that posted too?

3 BrianG. commented Permalink

@BrianBaird: Thanks for this. I would like to evaluate nested SPs at some point to see if there are any specific pitfalls to worry about. <div>&nbsp;</div> @BKDowning: With Oracle, the solution is a bit more complex as you know. That would have been a very long Blog entry if included. If we can coordinate again sometime soon and consolidate our findings, I think it would make an excellent companion to this entry.

4 epsilon1 commented Permalink

Thanks Brian, it helped me to fix one of our report issues.