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1 MaxKid commented Permalink

Hi ,Is it possible to trigger a workflow event by using a push-button via scripting ? Thanks

2 AnamitraBhattacharyya commented Permalink

yes its possible - <br /> 1&gt;you can connect a pushbutton to a Action - which can be scripted using the Action Launch Point. <br /> 2&gt;From the Action you can launch a workflow - by calling <div>&nbsp;</div> WorkFlowService wfs = ((WorkFlowService) MXServer.getMXServer().lookup("WORKFLOW")); <br /> wfs.initiateWorkflow(wfName, mbo); <br /> HTH

3 epsilon1 commented Permalink

Hey, <div>&nbsp;</div> How can we attach the Action, created using Action Launch point to a custom push button? <br /> Your post gives an example of attaching the action to escalation only. <div>&nbsp;</div> -Thanks <div>&nbsp;</div>

4 07D7_Prateek_Jain commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> I would like to know the same. <div>&nbsp;</div> 1.) How can we attach an action launch point to a UI push button? <div>&nbsp;</div> 2.) How can we attach the same (or different) action launch point to a signature option (select action or toolbar button). <div>&nbsp;</div> Any help is greatly appreciated. <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 HeidiHo commented Permalink

I have downloaded the "Scripting with Maximo" document and in trying to follow the examples, I noticed that my Automation Scripts application does not look the same as in the examples. I do not have the option of selecting an event (Add, Initialize, Update, Delete). I went ahead and created a script and launchpoint and it does not work. Please help! <div>&nbsp;</div> I am running on the following: <div>&nbsp;</div> App Server Weblogic Application Server <div>&nbsp;</div> Version Tivoli's process automation engine Build 20120219-2030 DB Build V7502-25 <br /> IBM Maximo Asset Management Build 20120219-2030 DB Build V7502-00 <div>&nbsp;</div> Server OS Windows Vista 6.0 <div>&nbsp;</div> Server DB Oracle 11.1 (Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production)

6 Julio_Perera commented Permalink

Hi, it will be very nice in future implementations to pass some reference to any control, dialog or the application on the UI (web application) so we can manipulate UI elements from the script side. I have confirmed the scripts runs in the context of the web application, but without any means to get the uisessionid from the script code I cannot properly get any reference to a WebClientSession to start navigating the session object tree. <div>&nbsp;</div> As I am aware that some times the script runs not disconnected from the any UI session -for instance during processing by the MIF- the variable "interactive" should solve this situations for the developer and the UI references may be "null" in such cases. <div>&nbsp;</div> This opens the possibility of displaying confirmation messages, closing dialogs, disabling buttons, and so on during the processing of the event from the UI. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks!

7 Balnags commented Permalink

Hi All, <br /> I want to change color of label based on certain condition. <br /> how can achieve this functionality using Automation Script?

8 AnamitraBhattacharyya commented Permalink

Currently the auto script functionality cannot be used to change UI aspects that cannot be controlled using Mbos - so this is something we are working on to address in a future release.

9 ghani commented Permalink

Can we use method in object launch point of automation script?

10 nancep commented Permalink

can you give us example how to attach action launch automation script to push button? Any help?

11 commented Permalink

Has anyone tried to add Groovy as a scripting engine? <div>&nbsp;</div> We deployed the groovy.jar into the maximo.ear and added it to the classpath in the websphere console. <div>&nbsp;</div> But it seems that the maximo application didn't register the engine, because we still cannot use it for automation scripts.

12 commented Permalink

Okay i found the problem. But it's strange that you have to put the jar into the classpath, while the jython.jar exists in the same folder and doesn't need a separate classpath entry.

13 PabloCTecso commented Permalink

Hi, I'm trying to run a script automation without any launch point, with only a defined variable bonded to a maximo system property. Script just contains the line "print directory", which 'directory' is variable bonded to, so when I run script shows this error :
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<iostream>", line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'directorio' is not defined

Any suggestion?. I'm trying on Maximo