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Hi Mark, <div>&nbsp;</div> Very useful. Can you please explain : In the case of Working Impact Plan -&gt; Permit request type, whether the permits are created in Auto?

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Hi Venkataseshan, <div>&nbsp;</div> Permit Type e.g. Hot work, Scaffold etc, while required , in itself is not related to automatic permit generation .Automatic creation of a permit occurs only during WOGEN, at which time the PM uses the Template Impact Plan's list of permits and generates those permits whose GENMODE (Generation Mode) = PERMIND ( Single Permit). <div>&nbsp;</div> Once in the working impact plan , a semi-automated process exists in that when the permit information is populated and the generate permit icon is selected it will create the permit with the provided information, populate the permit number there and cross-relate the permit to the current work order.

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Hi Mark, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the informaiton. <div>&nbsp;</div> But I have 2 follow up queries: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. When I associate PERMMIND generation type and click Permti Generate button, it needs a Job Plan to generate a Permit record(No warning or error message). But in real case scenario, if I, as a Maintenance owner, need a permit, I can create a permit without Job Plan and Job plan can be later attached by the Permit Owner. Does this functionality seem sound? <div>&nbsp;</div> 2. If I create permit generation type as "Permit Request", how Mx Nuc handles this request in OOB? Is there any functionality associated with it? <div>&nbsp;</div> Appreciate your kind response.

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Hi Venkataseshan, <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) Please let me know what version you are testing on as that issue (requiring a job plan) was hot-fixed in Oct. of 2011. With regards to process, we do not want to limit OOB user options and this approach allows the users, job plan library and process to mature.... approval of the initial permit (requested) is ultimately based on the the data entered and job plan selected. Please also note any permit could be created from a generic job plan for that permit TYPE, or a specific job plan created or used in passed performance of that task if it repetitive <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) Only a permit generation mode of PERMIND I"Individual Permit" can be used to generate a permit in WOGEN or manually from the Impact Plan permit row. All other values of generation mode are meant to communicate need and expected subsequent processing: <br /> EXTERNAL - This values is used to indicate the permit needed is created and controlled in an external system <br /> REQUEST - This is used primarily when the permit owners do not want any permits created automatically. They will review the requests and create them as needed, perhaps grouping base on current conditions. <br /> PERMGRP - Like a REQUEST in that permits being automatically created is not desired, the planner knows that this work item is likely to be combined with other work items and result in one permit satisfying several work orders e.g. one large scaffold for several work orders versus several smaller scaffolds <br />

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Hi Mark, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your quick and prompt response and inputs which were in-line with my understanding and analysis. <div>&nbsp;</div> I believe you remember our interaction few weeks back along with Joe on LCO tracking and Duty Station, for one of my on-going project. <div>&nbsp;</div> Currently I am referrring to this version: IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Build 20110415-2127 DB Build V7500-17 <div>&nbsp;</div> And also please let me know the communication process through which IBM informs the existing customers and Global Partners of the updates and patches. This will be helpful for me to track the developments in this regard in future. <div>&nbsp;</div> BR

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Hi Venkataseshan, <div>&nbsp;</div> There are two primary methods for clients to maintain awareness of fix packs: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) Use the Maximo Support page(s) to learn about Fix Pack availability and the APARs fixed within them ; <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) Use Fix Central along which has the readme files posted with the actual fix packs;

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Hi Mark, <div>&nbsp;</div> I have created a calibration asset and associated an approved Data sheet template to it. Now I have created WO of type CAL for the same asset. and status of WO is WAPPR. If I try to associate Data sheet to WO by clicking New Row in Datasheet, Datasheet field is Read-only and I could not associate any Datasheet with WO. I also tried with Work Type CMCAL also. <div>&nbsp;</div> Please let me know if I am missing any functionality. <div>&nbsp;</div> BR