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1 Mauricio Poblete G. commented Permalink

Excuse me , I am really new at this Maximo. And looking around the IBM site I found this tool that seems to be really helpful whenever we want to check what is causing the performance decrease. But now the question is: Keep this tool available on our maximo, meaning if we keep uncommented those lines in the web.xml file, will cause a decrease in the performance per se, or the system performance will be compromised only when the dashboard is displayed?

2 RickK64 commented Permalink

See note in doc above. - Important Note: Enabling PerfMon will significantly degrade server performance and so it should not be left enabled any longer then necessary to troubleshoot performance problems, especially on a production server. <div>&nbsp;</div> This tool is to be used for debugging purposes and not intended to be left running at all times.

3 Mauricio Poblete G. commented Permalink

Thanks Rick, I forgot how to read... hahahaha