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1 Pankajsharma25 commented Permalink

Indeed escalations are really helpful and have a great potential of adding automations to the business processes as well as setting some values which are not possible through user interface. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Pankaj Sharma

2 dvisentin commented Permalink

Images don't work (seem linked to private ibm w3 intranet)

3 Ray Mair commented Permalink

The link to additional references doesn't take you anywhere

4 mtravers commented Permalink

@Ray try this:;q=TPAEESC&amp;filter=language:en

5 D.Brendon commented Permalink

Neither the image nor the document links work for me.

6 mtravers commented Permalink

@D.Brendon what browser are you using? I know that there have been a few browsers that cause some quirky stuff to happen with the screenshots. I have had some issues with firefox. Try this link out:;q=TPAEESC&amp;filter=language:en#v%3D%2B1%26q%3DTPAEESC

7 Ray Mair commented Permalink

I can't see the links/pictures either. I'm using IE 10. I tried the alternative link below and could not get to that link, looks like the website might be having some problems

8 Ray Mair commented Permalink

My bad, I was in Chrome, have to use 3 different browsers right now. I tried IE 10 as well, I'm getting a message that the Content is Unavailable